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Q950T - terrible rear speaker sound

I got my new Q950T yesterday, had it all set up, updated fimware and had it up and running in no time.

I was totally blown away by the Cinema sound and gaming experience but utterly dissapointed when it came to music and am now at the point of filing for a return. I wanted to check here to see if other people had the same experience. 



TV -> Soundbar (HDMI ARC)
Set top box -> TV (HDMI)

Xbox One X -> Soundbar (HDMI)

Phone -> Soundbar (Bluetooth)


Gaming on Xbox - Everything works

Atmos Demo on Xbox - Everything works

Netflix on TV app - Everything works

Spotify through TV app - Hardly any sound to rear speakers. 

Spofity connect to soundbar - Hardly any sound to rear speakers

Bluetooth audio to soundbar - Hardly any sound to rear speakers


When playing music the rear speakers sound like they are under water and seem to burst with certain tones and mumble through others. You have to put you ear to the speakers to hear anything. I have tried all four surround modes and whilest there is a small change in sound, they are all terrible and the sound is definitely not worthy of the boxes that it comes out of. I thought that it might just be a setting from the TV/ ARC, but Bluetooth from the phone or the built in Spotify connect has the same issue. 

As the music experience is used more than the home theatre one, this isn't really accceptable for me. I was planning on moving one of the rear speakers to the kitchen occasionaly for when cooking so that I could listen to music, but there is no point if my iPhone pumps out better sound from its built in speaker. 

Does anybody else have the same experience? 


On paper this was the perfect soundbar for me, but in reality I am affraid that I might have to jump over to Sonos to get the sound that I was hoping for. 
Thanks in advance for any insight.