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QLED tv & HW-Q7CB soundbar

(Topic created: 09-13-2022 02:09 PM)
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Last week: purchased from Costco: Samsung new Soundbar Q7CB 3,2,1ch.  Supposed to be excellent, but after talking to the Samsung tech. support, you can't have more than ONE HDMI plugged-in on the back of your Samsung-4K QLED TV.

Only ONE for Soundbar must be plugged in, otherwise TV - SPEAKERS will be your Default.  You need to keep changing to correct speaker "eARC sound output" options. This is terrible, on the back of TV, there are 4 HDMI connections I have, and Soundbar HDMI Must go to eARC area, than why does it matter? No matter what, IF U plug like AppleTV, GAME HDMI back of your tv, than you are **bleep**. Its headeach... trust me. I would NEVER Buy such a soundbar, is not compatable with their own new 4K tv's. I think, Samsung knows, but don't wanna say anything. I am so tired of this, ON/OFF and keep changing ALL SETTINGS, HDMI, Plug/Unpluging and spent 20min. with tech. from Samsung. NO WAY OUT. Please Don't buy it unless U know something I don't.  Pl. email me SPRING518519@GMAIL.COM - IF U have any solutions. Thank you. - Roger. 


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I did the exact same thing. My sound bar only works if the hdmi is connected. Any attempt to use the wifi option and nothing works. I've tried several phones, tablets and such to play Bluetooth or using Spotify on the device and nothing. My device is showing as playing on the phone but no audio is coming out of the speaker. I have a **bleep** LG soundbar that outperforms this speaker in every way. Better audio, better subwoofer and seamless connection. So much for having the speaker to match my new 4k big screen Samsung TV.