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QN90a local dimming and bloom

(Topic created: 10-30-2022 01:27 PM)
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Hi there, 

After several months using this TV, the local dimming and bloom issues on my QN90a 55" seem to be getting worse:

Using my PC as source, viewing colored text on a black background, the color will gradually fade to grey after about one second on-screen. 

Colored text on grey or black background appears inconsistently across the screen in a mottled pattern.

White or light-color text, or mouse pointer, on a dark background will display a visible rectangle (dimming zone?) around that object, which follows the object around as it moves. 

Corners of the screen seem to be a lower brightness than the rest of the screen. 

There is visible bloom effect around white and light-colored objects on a dark background. 

Subtitles in movies vary dramatically in brightness and readability depending on what else is visible on the screen.

These effects are very pronounced with Local Dimming on Standard or High -- resulting in a very poor experience, but are less or not noticeable on Low. I also have Contrast Enhancer on High and Brightness at 50. I'm running software v2101. 

Is this expected behavior for these TVs, or is there something I can do in terms of settings or firmware to fix? Thank you!


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If it's still under warranty file a warranty claim.