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SOUNDBAR HW-Q90R crackling / disconnecting on and off

(Topic created: 11-05-2021 06:04 AM)
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My original post was conveniently moved and locked to the TV section which this is not a TV issue - it's a SOUNDBAR problem!! No one is helping. Please see post below. I am getting quite frustrated with Samsung support.


I am on the latest firmware (1012.6) for the Samsung HW-Q90R. I find myself often having to reboot my speakers (physically unplugging/plugging back into outlets) and manually reseting the soundbar (pressing down the 'gear' button on the remote) almost every day because the rear speakers and subwoofers crackle every so often. The rear sounds like it is 'breaking up' and the subwoofers seem to 'crackle' as well. When I do the reset (unplugging/reset) the rears and subwoofer work as intended (no issue). It's becoming quite annoying to constantly have to reboot the soundbar every day in order to enjoy them. Could someone assist with a more permanent solution? This is an expensive sound bar and I would expect more support to help resolve as I'm seeing other posts similar to this that are not really getting the full support required. 

I'm also sharing the version updates across all components:

M 0133.0
B 1012.6
H 0051.0
FD 0040.0
W 0240.0
S 0136.0
RR 0136.0
RL 0136.0


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