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Samsung 9.1.4 hw-Q950T and PS5

(Topic created on: 3/1/21 3:03 AM)
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I just bought the Samsung 9.1.4 hw-q950t soundbar. I know some of the issues that people are having, but overall it seems like a great sound quality soundbar! 


Right now I have the LG sk9y connected to my tv (the frame 2020) via arc, and ps5 connected to hdmi 2.1 via TV. ps5 is set to bitstream and dolby. And its working without anny issues and shows"dolby audio" on the LG soundbar, with surround. 


Have any of you tried the samsung soundbar with ps5? Would like to hear your thoughts! I'm hoping that I can have the same settings as I have with the LG soundbar once it arrives. 

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