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Samsung HW-60T sound bar audio cuts out

(Topic created on: 3/1/21 10:49 AM)
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I just bought the Samsung HW-60T sound bar and the Samsung UN65TU8000FXZA TV last week.  I have them connected using HDMI eARC ports (I am using the highest quality HDMI cable which I bought the same day as the TV and sound bar) and have it set to PCM as recommended by Samsung Support.  I still have the sound cutting out almost every hour for like 1-2 secs (I timed it several times).  Twice it has cut out completely and I had to power the sound bar off then back on to get it working again.  Samsung support is NO help at all.   I am thinking of returning the TV for a new one and I have already exchanged the sound bar and I upgraded it as well.  There are only so many different settings and connections to try and it still has not fixed the issue.  I only buy Samsung products but I am starting to wonder if its time to switch companies.  Any help on this issue for all of us @samsung ???

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