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Samsung HW-A650 randomly cutting out for 1 second every 10-20 seconds ONLY on Xbox Series X

(Topic created on: 5/5/21 7:05 PM)
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So this is a pretty straight forward issue. I just bought a new soundbar cause my last one died on me. I tried two Vizio soundbars and although they worked fine, the sound quality wasnt the best. I bought this Samsung HW-A650 soundbar and it sounds much better but I am having this issue with it while using my xbox series x where every 10-20 seconds the soundbar will cut out for 1 second. It is pretty constant and basically unusable. Samsung support has not helped. I have reset the soundbar and updated the firmware but I am pretty convinced its somehow the Xbox. The audio is also slightly delayed from the Xbox but it is not delayed when playing netflix through the TV directly. 


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