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Samsung HW-Q70R compatibility with Dolby Atmos Rear Speakers Kit

(Topic created: 05-07-2021 12:53 PM)
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Hi @all ,

I have HW-Q70R soundbar and I wanted to upgrade my setup from 3.1.2 and add Rear speakers to enjoy the full Dolby Atmos experience but unfortunately as per your documentation the only kit supported with Q70R is the 8500s which basically is a bad quality kit and offers only 2 channels nothing more. I am wondering when we will ever be able to buy a product from Samsung and get full support at least on the accessories side. It is really frustrating to find out that after buying a quality product from Samsung (wasn't cheap at all) and then not to be able to buy an appropriate accessory. Because of this, I have to sell the soundbar and buy a Sonos Arc. I really liked the one I have but I just won't be able to buy the SWA-9500s since it is not compatible with my soundbar

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