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Samsung HW-Q90R Soundbar No Sound Displays DIN but not TV ARC

(Topic created: 06-06-2022 01:23 AM)
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I've owned my Samsung HW-Q90R for several years now and I have updated the firmware to support eARC but that didn't help solve the problem that I have with sometimes the TV ARC is unavailable and I can only get DIN on the soundbar's display and I have no sound.  This doesn't happen very often but when it does it is annoying. I've found that if I connect two devices to a HDMI switch and connect that switch to a HDMI input on my LG B7 TV that whenever I have this problem with either device displaying DIN instead of TV ARC on the soundbar's display, that I can usually fix the problem by using the selector switch on the HDMI switch to switch to the other device and if it is showing TV ARC, then when I switch back to the device that was showing DIN, it will now be showing TV ARC and I will have sound again. Sometimes if both devices are showing DIN then I need to turn off the TV, soundbar, and devices and then turn them back on to fix the problem but that happens very rarely.

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