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Samsung HW-Q950A AirPlay audio drops

(Topic created: 06-29-2022 07:21 PM)
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Hi everyone,

I have a Q950A soundbar that is experiencing brief audio cut outs of about 1s every now and then using AirPlay from an M1 MacBook Pro.

The soundbar and the MBP are both connected to an Ubiquiti U6-Pro AP via WiFi.  The signal on the MBP is -50dBm and the soundbar is -51dBm, they both have an excellent connection to the AP.  The noise floor on the signal is about -90dBm, so that shouldn't be an issue either.

I'm at a loss as to what to look at next.  I just recently hard reset the soundbar because I was messing with the WiFi network and it wouldn't reconnect afterwards.

I did find a section in the 950T manual that describes how to change the frequency band that the soundbar and subwoofer operate on.  Unfortunately I did not find a similar section the 950A's manual.

Anyone have any suggestions with this issue?

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