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Samsung Q70R TV and SoundBar Auto GameMode Greyed Out

I have the following devices:

  • Samsung Q70R 49" TV
  • Samsung Q70R Soundbar
  • Xbox One X

I bought the two Samsung products, because they're advertised as supported Auto Game Mode, however, I can't get the functionality to enable.


I have an HDMI cable going from the Xbox One X OUTPUT to the SoundBar INPUT, and another HDMI cable going from the SoundBar OUTPUT to the TV HDMI ARC port. The TV Input is has the Enhanced option enabled, and the XBox detects that 4K, HDR, ALLM is all available (VRR is not, though I believe the TV doesn't support it. The 55" does, but the 49" doesn't). ALLM is checked on the Xbox, but the TV still does not allow enabled of Auto Game Mode (it's greyed out).


Connecting the Xbox directly to the TV allows for the option to be selectable, just not when the Xbox is going through the soundbar. Relying on the the audio to be returned via ARC isn't a via solution, as ARC doesn't allow for transmitting the full audio from the Xbox (only the Apps of the TV).


I have updated the firmware on both the TV and the Soundbar (TV using the Check for Update feature, and the Soundbar via the SmartThings app).


What am I missing?