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Samsung Q9FN and Samsung Q80R ATMOS workaround...

Have spent months trying to get ATMOS to work on my systems.  Contacted Samsung and they had me send my Q80R soundbar in for repairs after working with me on phone for 2 hours and trying everything. I got my soundbar back today, unwrapped it, read the shipping docs that said a part was replaced...and reconnected and hung it on the wall under television.


I selected an ATMOS movie and the symbol was not present on the tried anyhow. I could get movies to play and show TV ARC and would activate the Dolby Digital+ of my television...but not ATMOS.


Contacted Samsung support again...he went through settings. Nothing.   I asked, is it possible that the flagship televisions from SAMSUNG are not compatible with their flagship ATMOS soundbars?  He said let him check...he came back and said that my television that is less than year old is not ATMOS compatible and firmware would not fix this.


So I asked if he knew of any other way I might be able to get it to work as then that explains the ConnectOne box blocking the ATMOS signal for the XBOX.  He told me to put XBOX in passthrough mode with soundbar.


So I ran a 4k HDMI from XBOX to Soundbar and left the Television connected to ConnectOne via TV ARC as always. The biggest difference is XBOX ONE X is no longer connected to TV direct...only soundbar....but since it has ARC it will pass the video to television from this end.

I put SOUNDBAR to HDMI 1 to get signal from XBOX....downloaded ATMOS app for worked.  Installed NETFLIX, PRIME and YOUTUBE apps....pulled up ATMOS movies and games and they all worked.


So the final solution is that you have to bypass your television and put it in passthrough mode and watch movies off an external device such as FIRESTICK, XBOX, ROKU, etc....


I will run the second 4K HDMI cable through wall this week to hide it and just start watching any ATMOS movies through XBOX ONE X to get the full experience.


I hope this helps would have kept me from shipping my soundbar back and wasting hours and hours of time and frustration over past few months.


Amazing to believe that you buy the Q9FN television and the Q80/90 soundbars and they are not compatible when it comes to their big claim to fame....ATMOS!  LOL


Re: Samsung Q9FN and Samsung Q80R ATMOS workaround...

Hi, I've had the exact same issue with the exact same hardware. 


Yes with Netflix on the Xbox One X I now see the ATMOS icon. Also the soundbar LED indicates DOLBY Atmos, but I still don't seem to hear the upward firing speakers. I am using a 4K Premium HDMI cable, I have a 300Mb connection and am using Netflix Premium with my settings locked to highest bandwidth.  


But seems the upward firing speakers never come into play with those scenes that I know should trigger them.


Any thoughts.