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Samsung QN800 + HW-Q900a sound issue

(Topic created: 09-03-2021 01:21 PM)
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Recently purchased the Samsung QN800 TV + HW-Q900a soundbar and when just watching TV I sometimes turn off the soundbar through smart things when the TV is on.

I quickly noticed when switching the TV back on the next day the TV is unable to connect to the soundbar via the HDMI earc, but still works fine over WIFI. This is usually fixed by resetting the soundbar and TV sound settings.

but I discovered this might be linked to having the earc toggle in expert settings switched on. has anyone else seen a similar issue and come to a similar bug. 

Also.. even when earc toggle is switched off I'm still able to use Dobly Atmos on Netflix and Apple TV+. shouldn't this only work when erac is enabled?

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