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Samsung q800t + 9100s - sometimes no sound from rear speakers

(Topic created: 07-22-2021 02:59 PM)
Cosmic Ray
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I have a Q800T soundbar with additional SWA-9100S rear speakers kit. All connected via hdmi eArc to my tv. Sometimes, randomly I notice the rears stopped playing any sound or play it very quietly. The wireless module shows it's connected to the soundbar (blue led light) and I can change the rears volume level in the soundbar settings. I have to turn the soundbar off and on with the Samsung's remote (not the TV's) and it works again. I had the same issue with SWA-9000S so it's not the rears' wireless mode, it's something with the soundbar that it randomly doesn't correctly send audio to the rears. Seems like a software issue. Very similar issue was addressed for Q90R here - https://www.samsung.com/us/support/troubleshooting/TSG01202075/

However the solution won't work as my soundbar already has the latest firmware.  


Could this get looked into?

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