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Samsung soundbar ship to support

(Topic created: 09-14-2021 09:02 AM)
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I reached out to Samsung support via chat regarding my defective soundbar I purchased a month ago. They informed me I would have to ship it to the service center in NJ.

I reached out to support a 2nd time to see shipping or drop off options as I did not have a large enough box to safely ship the soundbar. Samsung support assured me that UPS will pack and ship the item for me free of charge....I was charged $20 to have the soundbar packed. 

So I reached out to support a 3rd time. This time they asked for proof of the previous chats...burden of proof should not be on me since I have 0 visibility into Samsung support logs! The Samsung rep stated there were no support chats under my account and there was nothing they could do.

Why would Samsung not just ship me a large enough box to safely ship the soundbar and provide a return label? Why do I have to pay for the inadequacy of Samsung's service method?  


*Always save support chat logs. DO NOT TRUST SAMSUNG SUPPORT. 

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