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Shop6 Mode on hw q90r soundbar

(Topic created: 08-28-2021 07:32 AM)
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Q90R goes into shop mode (Shop6) after about 15 minutes of use.  Never happened before and I can’t get it back to normal.  
I've seen the “hold down Volume - on the remote for 5 seconds  with power off tip then navigate using direction buttons”.  That doesn’t work it goes through the shop 1-6 options but doesn’t allow me to turn it off and always goes back to Shop6.

At the end of this process I also see a “Shop NG” message but again I can’t select it. 
it happens on all inputs HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. I have to power off the soundbar then power back on to resume.  Running an xfinity cable box and Apple TV 4K I have a Samsung UDHD 75” TV. 

Again no issues at all until yesterday after over a year of daily use then goes kaput and family is upset   

The SmartThings app is pretty useless doesn’t connect to the soundbar at all,  app shows it as registered but says it can’t connect   I’ve deleted and re added twice but still can’t  connect. Once when I re added I was able to get in I checked firmware update and it said I had most recent firmware   

is there a sticky thread of all the other commands for this soundbar?  It feels like there are secret cheat codes like my kids video game but even my tech savvy 12 yr old can’t figure this one out 😉

factory reset is supposed to be gear button/settings for 10+ seconds with power on but that hasn’t changed anything that I can tell

I’ve tried the hard power down unplugging the sound bar, unplugging the woofer and surrounds and letting set for 10minutes then plugging it all back in  that doesn’t work either  all the units are connected and blue leds on the sub and surrounds   

what do these shop modes mean I’ve read that it’s intended for when it’s used in a store demo so people don’t crank it up and blow out the system?

please help on this thread or is there a direct number for live humans US support?




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