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Sound Cuts Out on Q60R Soundbar

I have a Samsung NU6900 TV and anytime the sound format is set to Dolby digital the sound will randomly cutout throughout the movie or show I am watching. Usually watching through the Netflix or any app I have installed on the TV or watching a movie through my Samsung 4k bluray player. the Q60R soundbar is the one I have and I just got it Friday. If I change the audio output format from Dolby digital to PCM the cutout doesn't happen anymore but it just doesn't sound as good. Also if I listen to the sound through the tv speakers it does not cutout no matter if it's on Dolby digital or PCM which is strange to me that it's only happening through the soundbar. Is anyone else having this issue? Also do you think it's a TV or soundbar issue?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Sound Cuts Out on Q60R Soundbar

Hello! How are the devices connected? Please go to Settings>Support>Contact Samsung and provide the full model code and current software version.