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Sound bar turns off and won't turn on again

(Topic created: 04-17-2022 10:46 AM)
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Posting this for anyone having this problem.  I was having a problem with my Samsung Soundbar where it would intermittently and randomly cut out (power would go out).  The only way to get it to turn on again would be to unplug it and replug it.  I have the soundbar connected via Bluetooth to a Samsung TV, but the issue also happened while connected via digital audio cable and HDMI.

There is another post where people are having the same problem: Solved: Sound bar turns off and won't turn on again - Samsung Community - 1647470  The solutions there didn't work for me.

I had my soundbar sent to a repair centre.  They couldn't replicate the problem.  They replaced the mainboard, but when I got it back - same issue.  Samsung Tech support was no help.

Long story short, after some trial and error, the issue was resolved for me when I turned off the Anynet+(HDMI CEC) feature.  After disabling that in settings on my TV, the issue hasn't reoccurred.  It isn't clear why this is happening (as above, I was connecting via bluetooth) but there seems to be an issue there.

Hopefully this spares people some frustration.  

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