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Soundbar HW-Q90R - TV Connactivity questions & 1 problem

Hey there,


I recently bought the HW-Q90R soundbar and I’m looking in to buying a new 50Inch TV and I had a few questions popping out while searching for the right model for me regarding the connactievity to the soundbar:


1. The soundbar has TV-ARC output and I understand that for dolby atmos passthrough, it requires eArc version. The question is - is it enough for the tv to have eArc support for dolby atmos to work or is my soundbar not compatible to this at all?

2. If i connect my inputs to the soundbar and the arcOutput to my tv - the ARC limitation shouldn’t be a problem right? Since the soundbar itself does all the work and transmit only the video signal to the tv.

3. I saw there is an option to connect my soundbar to my tv via WIFI. I was wondering what are the impacts on the quality & sync between audio and video?

4. Not related question, I have my pc connected to the soundbar and every time the computer doesn’t emit a sound for a few seconds, the soundbar “goes to sleep” and when it wakes up(when the computer starts emitting sound) it makes this static noise for a split second. Is there a way to fix it(maybe disable sleep mode-if possible)?


Re: Soundbar HW-Q90R - TV Connactivity questions & 1 problem