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Soundbar disconnects when computer is turned on

My setup is DirecTV box, HW-Q80R soundbar, and QN65Q70 TV.

HDMI from DirecTv box to soundbar, and HDMI ARC from soundbar to TV.

Everything works fine. Turn on TV and wait a few seconds...HDMI 2 appears on soundbar and I get picture and soundbar sound.

There is also a desktop computer in another room that has a bluetooth speaker.

When the computer comes out of sleep mode, and the bluetooth speaker is on, it causes the tv soundbar to disconect. (Sometimes it happens with the bluetooth speaker powere off). I get no sound and  "no signal" message on the tv. I then have to go to the soundbar remote and choose HDMI 2 as source to get picture and sound again. Quite annoying, and I have no idea how to solve this


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Soundbar disconnects when computer is turned on

There should be an Auto Power Link feature for your soundbar. Try turning this off. By doing this, your soundbar may not come one when you turn your TV on, but it shouldn't disconnect either when the computer is on. To disable the Auto Power Link feature, find the Auto Power button on your soundbar remote and press it once. Each time the button is pressed, your soundbar will alternate between Power Link On and Power Link-Off. 

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