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Soundbar stopped working

(Topic created: 06-26-2022 07:00 AM)
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I have a QN90a tv with an MS650 soundbar. All working perfectly for the 6 months I have had this tv and the 2 years I had the soundbar connected to the earlier Samsung tv.

From around a week ago the soundbar started to randomly disconnect from the tv via HDMI/ARC. WiFi and BT still work fine.

I have done all the usual resetting, disconnecting cables, etc., etc. and cannot get the two to talk for very long. I even bought a new HDMI cable.

I then noticed the tv firmware had been updated around the same time as the problem appeared - June 2022, v2001.4.

Assuming there is no imminent solution please can I have the firmware version that has just been replaced so I can reload - email me or give me a link to download.

Many thanks 

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