I have a Samsung Soundbar (Model HW-K590, i bought it in Iran ) that has been working flawlessly when paired my phone using the Bluetooth option. Recently, I turned on the soundbar as normal to pair with my phone, and saw that it wouldn’t connect. Instead of a message appearing saying “BT.... WAIT..... READY” allowing me to connect my phone, it says “BT.... WAIT” and gets stuck on the word WAIT, never allowing me to connect. I waited some hours once to see if the WAIT prompt will go away or change to ready but it never did. It just goes into idle mode and turns off after some time. However, i connected this in D.IN mode with my Tv and it is work properly. 

I unplugged the sound bar for some time and plugged it again but the problem is still available. Also i reset it several times but it wasn't work.

Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? Any help from you will be highly appreciated.