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Soundbar to One Connect Issues

Recently my samsung Soundbar starting acting weird and not powering off with my TV even when hooked through the optical cable.  (It had worked for an entire year before) 


Thinking it was time for an upgrade anyways, I bought a brand new Samsung soundbar and attempted to hook it up via ARC through my One Connect and I get nothing.   (I also tried the ARC connection with the old soundbar and nothing) 


I've been through every troubleshooting I can find and have all the AnyNet+ settings on the TV as well as the soundbar. To make matters worse,  it works fine through optical and I can control volume with my smart remote however the soundbar doesn't power down when I turn off my TV.  Even with Bluetooth, I cannot get this thing to hookup properly to power on when my TV comes on.   I have to go and Connect every single time I turn on the TV.


I'm thinking it has to be something with this One Connect box.  This is incredibly frustrating considering I just bought a new soundbar for this exact reason. 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Soundbar to One Connect Issues

I'm sorry to hear that, so that I may look into this can I have your full model number and current firmware version? 

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