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Switch from ARC(D.IN) to HDMI on Soundbar Solved

(Topic created: 06-22-2021 12:27 PM)
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This post concerns the automatic switching of sources after a few moments on a Samsung soundbar (mine is a K550) connected using ARC to a Samsung TV (mine is a 6 Series (55)), both properly configured for ARC use (Anynet+ on, for example), from ARC(D.IN) to HDMI, thereby resulting in no sound.

When your inputs are routed to the TV by a receiver, and one of the units connected to the receiver uses two-way communications using CEC, the TV can receive a signal that causes this behavior.  In my case it was the addition of a Roku Ultra to the receiver.  Unconnected, no problem.  Connected, the soundbar would be switched from ARC(D.IN) to HDMI automatically after a few moments.  No sound.

This can be solved easily using a CEC-less HDMI adapter that disables the connection on Pin 13.  Simply insert it between the HDMI connection between the device and the receiver (in my case, Roku to adapter to HDMI cable to receiver).  Solves the problem.

The device is available from Lindy, a UK accessories company.  It can be purchased directly at:


as well as from Amazon at:


Jack Herr, Danbury, CT, USA

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