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THEFT @ Samsung repair center. Next time, i'll choose BOSE.

Back in JUNE i send my wireless rear speakers in to be looked at because the tech could not get them to pair with my soundbar soundplus.  They return them to me a couple of weeks later and inform me they are fixed.  Another tech tries to get them paired with my soundbar (which I had paid to be mounted in a cool spot above my TV) and to no avail again.  I am then instructed to send in both the soundbar and wireless rear speakers so they can pair them there and send back to me ready to go.  After a month I receive a small carppy packed box from the Paterson, NJ Samsung repair center with my wireless rear speakers disassembled.   I call to get some clarification as to what in the heck is going on and nothing.  About a week later I get a call from some random employee who has no clue as to what is going on.  The employee then goes on to say they have been instructed to offer me $125.80 for my wireless rear speakers.  I ask about my soundbar and she says she does not know what im referring to.  After about three weeks of calling, being placed on hold, hung up on etc., I finally get to someone who says they will open up an investigation w/ UPS.  The investigation turns out that someone at the repair center did not return my unit.  I then start receiving even more calls offering $125.80 and of course these employees claim they cannot see anything and they are just following daily prompts that tell them to call me and offer me that price.  I've been patient beyond belief and at this point I wish I would've just went with BOSE.  I just had to call the police because not one single person who I spoke to at Samsung could connect me to anyone who could help in the fraud/security/theft department.  I've asked for some type of email correspondence and what do you know, not one person can email me so I can have a trail.  Imagine (talking to you samsung representative who reads this) this happening to you.......