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TV - won't connect to network or remote

(Topic created: 05-02-2021 06:07 PM)
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A few months ago my Smart TV started forgetting the Apps in the home screen. Then the mute button would flash non-stop, even though I'm using a soundbar.  Then it started forgetting the remote, we had to reconnect it every time we turned the TV on.  

We usually have to reboot the tv by holding the power button a couple of times just to get it to work.

I tried resetting the factory settings three days ago- and still no better.


Now, it will not connect to the remote (it wants to connect to a bluetooth keyboard for some reason) leaving us with no functionality on the tv... and it won't connect to the network. TV Plus is the only channel we could get for two days, now it is the only channel we are getting, except it is just the message "TV Plus is not available. check your network connection and try again."  The wifi signal is very strong, every other device is working fine right now.  

Is my TV just garbage now? 

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