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Voice out of sync!! Samsung - 75" Class Q70T Series QLED TV & Samsung - hw-q900t 7.1.2ch soundbar

(Topic created on: 4/10/21 5:06 PM)
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I have a Samsung TV and Soundbar - both brand new.  I have voice delays and not sure how to fix.  I'm running HDMI between the soundbar and the TV, so it should be running HDMI eARC.  I don't see how 2 high end Samsung products can be out of sync??  Shouldn't they be made for each other and not have this issue??


How can I fix this without sacrificing the sound quality of HDMI eARC and the sound processing?  I have Xfinity X1 4k cable box feeding the TV which connects via HDMI to the soundbar.


Thanks in advance for the help!!

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