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WPA3 support issue Soundbar Q950A

(Topic created: 05-26-2022 08:00 AM)
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Hi. It seems that the Q950A have issues with WPA3 support or doesn‘t support it until yet.

I‘ve installed latest firmware version: HW-Q950AWWB-1010.1 (and 57 for the subwoofer).

Getting connection issues with SmartThings app and AirPlay at the same time after using new WPA3 feature on my WLAN. Remark: wondering while Samsung The Frame is working very well at same time with new WPA3 WLAN settings. Back to the Q950A issue.
My „solution“ was to rollback the WLAN seetings to WPA2. Not the security option I want to use! I‘m so happy with my soundbar system, but this annoys me unbelievable.

Questions: When will Samsung support WPA3 with a new FW update? Did anybody made the same experience like me?

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So I did a little research specifically on the hardware's wifi protocols and specifications but couldn't find a particular protocol supported type, but this article says with either bt or wifi you should be using SmartThings App.