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Re: XBox One S hw-k950 no Atmos 0x91d7000e


Hey I just wanted to update this thread and say I tried EVERYTHING recommended after Dolby Atmos ceased working with my XBOX One S (August 2018) and finally I simply turned on the HW-K950 with the rest of my system off, held down the + and - volume buttons for a couple of seconds and reinitialized the sound bar. After this I turned it off, turned on my system via XBOX One S and changed the audio output from Dolby Digital to Atmos Home Theatre (HDMI only) and voila Atmos is working again. Hope that helps somebody but just as a side note, I’m an A/V enthusiastic and trust me most newer, even cheap, cables will pass all the data necessary for 4K and Atmos, so just my opinion, but I would def try this before you go spend $200 on cables because yours are probably fine. Have a good one mates!