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Xbox One X w/ HW-Q70R Soundbar No Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

Not sure this is the place to post this but I'll give it a shot.


I have a TCL 65r17 TV and a Samsung HW-Q70R Soundbar.


Unfortunately, either due to Roku or Samsung, I'm unable to get Dolby Atmos on my soundbar with the ARC-3 connection from the TV. Hoping the next TCL/Roku update fixes that but who knows.


In the meantime, I'm using my Xbox for Netflix, etc., as I can get Dolby Atmos from there. I have my Xbox connected to my soundbar, and my soundbar connected to the TV via ARC-3. Everything works great.


I decided to buy some surround sound speakers (Samsung SWA-9000s) to add to the audio experience.


Unfortunately, with a Dolby Atmos selected in Xbox, surround sound doesn't work. But with both Dolby Digital or DTS Digital Surround, the surround sound does work.


HDMI Audio is set to Bitstream Out. Optical Audio is Off.


With my setup, is there a way to get Dolby Atmos working with the surround sound speakers from my Xbox?


Thank you in advance.


Side note: With my Xbox connected to the soundbar and the soundbar connected to the TV via ARC-3, am I losing out on 4k since my Xbox isn't connected directly to my TV?

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Xbox One X w/ HW-Q70R Soundbar No Dolby Atmos Surround Sound

Atmos can get tricky, connecting the Xbox to the soundbar will get you Atmos, but depending on programming, it may not go to all surround speakers.


I would check your Xbox settings. Atmos via ARC seldom works between manufacturers, but I can't say  for certain that it won't work. 


Regarding the 4k, make sure both cables are 4k compatible and then go to your Xbox settings and enable 4k.