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adding a Samsung smart tv to wireless

(Topic created on: 1/28/21 11:18 AM)
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FYI...the Samsung 32" smart tv would not connect to our wireless. The Internet services were properly 'seen' by the TV during the setup process, but the existing Internet password would not be accepted - resulting in a failed attempt to connect with wireless. When entering the password the system stopping accepting alpha or numerics after 8 charcters entered via the keyboard, responding with a DONE check.  So, the entire password could not be entered resulting in a failed attempt, over and over again.  The solution, ultimately, was to change the Internet password to 8 alpha characters and one numeric.  That approach worked.  It is something buit in to the technology of the TV itself that restricts the password to no more than 8 alpha.  Very puzzling and unknown to Samsung support persons that i talked with for several hours trying to figure out the problem.  Take note!



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