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can't connect HW-K850 to wifi using Multiroom app NOR it will take a USB to update firmware

(Topic created on: 4/7/21 6:10 AM)
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Hello, I need help


I have HW-K850 and I am trying to connect it to WIFI using multiroom app however, it does not connect and give me an error that it connot be connected to the network.


Also, I need to update the firmware on it and I have tried all the steps but it does not take USB. Please help if any one have had similar issue and was able to fix it.

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I was just adding several different Samsung speaker models to the multi room app. Some speakers connected rather easily and some of them did not. When it tells you to go to settings and select the Samsung Wi-Fi channel… Make sure it has the Samsung name and the speaker model. Frequently, it will come up with something like the “Samsung direct” with other information and looks almost unreadable… “SamsungNi-direct”!or “SamsungBN-direct” and  selecting those  would result in a No Internet Connection notice. I unplugged the speaker, plugged it back in and reset the Wi-Fi set up button. Make sure you wait until it says Wi-Fi set up because some of the smaller ones use the same button for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When it says “set up” the first time or ready to connect… It means to Bluetooth. if you keep holding the set up button it will eventually say “Wi-Fi set up ready“. I hope this helps. Good luck! I still have things to search for as well… Like getting them all to play the same song at the same time.

Oh, one other thing. I would go through the whole set up on some of the smaller speakers and the app would tell me that the set up had failed, but my mesh router app would notify me that it had a new device. After I would go set up the device officially in the router, I would go back to the multi room app and it would be on the list of devices connected.