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eARC & Dolby Atmos Audio Dropout, Universal Remote Does Not Turn on Soundbar

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I have a Samsung TV & Samsung Soundbar that has just recently started having two issues. This previously was not an issue but after about two months now is.


Issue 1: The universal remote (Samsung TV Remote)  no longer turns on the Soundbar. It will turn it off but when I turn the TV back on the soundbar stays off. It appears to only turn on with the TV if the soundbar output is connected via [AV] Soundbar Q70T (Wi-Fi). I've never had it connected this way before. I'm only aware that it works in this output after some testing. I'd like to figure out how to get it to start working again via the eARC connection.


Issue 2: Soundbar drops audio periodically while streaming Netflix, Disney+ & Hulu but only on certain sound outputs. It also drops audio when using the universal remote (Samsung TV Remote)  to increase and decrease the volume. Again this does not happen when soundbar output is connected via [AV] Soundbar Q70T (Wi-Fi) or via TV + [AV] Soundbar Q70T (HDMI-eARC).


Below are my device model numbers and software/firmware versions and the scenario in which the issue persists. I only have my TV connected to a soundbar and ethernet. NO cable box or game device.



TV Software Version: T-NKMAKUC-1403.1 (Up-to-date)

Soundbar Model: HW-Q70T/ZA

Soundbar Firmware Version: HW-Q70TWWB-1017.5 (Up-to-date)


Audio Drop Issue/Scenario


Sound > Expert Settings:


HDMI-eARC Mode = Auto

Digital Output Audio Format = Auto

Dolby AtmosCompatibility = Enabled


General > External Device Manager:


Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC) = Enabled

Network connection = Ethernet & Strong connection


When connecting the TV and the soundbar via their HDMI (eARC/ARC) ports using an AudioQuest - Ocean 5' 4K-8K-10K 48Gbps cable and the soundbar output is [AV] Soundbar Q70T (HDMI-eARC) while watching Netflix, Hulu, Disney+ the audio drops periodically and also drops whenever I increase or decrease the volume while using the universal remote (Samsung TV Remote). However, it does not drop audio when increasing or decreasing the volume while using the soundbar remote.


What I have done to try and fix the issue but with no luck:


1. I have power cycled the TV and Soundbar each twice. = NO FIX

2. I have turned Dolby Atmos Compatibility off. = NO FIX

3. I have tried Digital Output Audio Format on the Pass-Through setting. = NO FIX

4. I have turned off Anynet+ (HDMI-CEC). = NO FIX (Expected as that turns eARC and Universal Remote off)

5. I have tried multiple eARC compatible HDMI cords.


My conclusion is that there appears to be an issue with the connection that might have been caused by a recent update. However, I'm not sure as I don't know when my device was last updated. I just know that the SmartThings app checked for updates and says that both devices are up-to-date.


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Exact same issue here. Mine is when playing audio from my NVIDIA Shield which is connected to my Q80T TV. Q90R sound bar is connected using eARC.

like clockwork, it occurs exactly every 20 minutes where Atmos cuts out and comes back in.

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I think my issue is related and probably started when this bar got the eARC firmware update. My TV does not have any eARC related stuff, I wouldn't be surprised if that's why my symptoms are different. Shield is connected to soundbar. 




While playing TrueHD (Atmos) content on Shield Pro 2019 via Plex/Kodi, single audio pops can be heard. This can happen 10 minutes apart or longer and they seem completely random. Rewinding and going over the same portion of the video again does not replicate the issue. It's one "pop" or "tick" in the high/mid range. Sometimes louder than other times, but not deafening. It can be subtle.


Audio recordings of the pops/ticks while watching TrueHD Atmos via the Shield Pro 2019. Each clip is 6 seconds with the pop/tick happening at the 3 seconds mark:


Best use headphones for those clips.