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no voices, only background sound on previews and previously on

K850 soundbar 

UN65KS8500FXZA tv

apple tv 4K connected via hdmi on soundbar 

all up to date on firmware/versions


I have had constant problems with this soundbar since we bought it when it first came out. Previously I was using ARC to run my apple tv but the sound would stop working. Did not matter if it was on the apple tv, xbox, switch, etc. The TV showed is was playing sound from the soundbar (hdmi) but we couldn't hear anything. Upgraded to a new apple tv 4k and decided to hook everything up a little different. 


Now everything is working great for the most part. When we start a show, so far the issue is only with HBO GO and Showtime via Prime Video. (amazon show's are fine) When the show starts the preview for a different show (both HBO GO and Showtime) and previously on (HBO GO only) has no voices. You can hear the shows music fine but can't hear what they are saying. When the preview/previously on ends and the show starts the sound is great. How can I get it so we can hear the voices on the previews/previously on? I don't want to hook it up the old way since the sound't wouldn't work at all half the time and apple tv 4k says to hook it up direct to the soundbar to get dolby atmos. Is this a soundbar setting or an apple tv issue? I'm kind of thinking apple tv but wanted to ask here as well. If I open prime video using the app on the tv and start a showtime show the sound is fine for the preview. 



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: no voices, only background sound on previews and previously on

Hello, there have you tried using a digital optical cable?

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