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q700A Earc not working

(Topic created: 07-07-2021 07:21 PM)
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Hi I have the Samsung q700A soundbar and qn90a 65” tv

when I hooked everything up at first it all worked fine  now a week later i can’t get the soundbar to work anymore , in either mode

 tv + soundbar q700a (hdmi-earc)

or simply soundbar q700a (hdmi-earc)

tv sound output alone works fine   

I removed the hdmi cable and re inserted it  I’ve unplugged everything and re plugged in  I’ve done reset on the tv. I turned earc hdmi off and on again.  Still doesn’t work  

is there a way to reset my q700A soundbar?

any other suggestions?


id really appreciate some help before I return the soundbar  




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