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source does not show source WHY

(Topic created: 01-17-2023 05:30 PM)
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I want a TV that has a slider on the side the allows me to choose source.  If I use the remote I want that physical slider to move to the source.  Give me a actual dial. 

I do not see why it is when I CHOOSE SOURCE it does not show the sources available. I do not see why it can not show HDMI 1 and HDMI 2 

A picture of what is on the back of the TV !   So when I pick source on my TV it does not show HDMI 2  so its this circus each and every time I try to make it see the signal from the HDMI cable that is plugged into HDMI 2.  It far easer for me to get up go to the back of my home theater setup and unplug the HDMI from PC 1 and then plug it into the other PC   Not sure what the logic is of not showing the sources directly and why their is a "HOME" that I can not find.   Its a daily aggravation.     


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