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4 door Flex Regridge not freezing

I have a RF28K9380SR/AA.  Noticed that the Temp Reading said 0, but all my food was defrosted.   I have the Flex door to Cool, but its kind of humid in there.  Did a Hard Reset per my warranty peoples request and when it booted back up, there was a AP code on the freezer.. cant find out what that means...   Also set the Cooling to 37 and Freezer to 0.  Still nothing.  They are asking me to fully defrost the fridge even though there is no ice buildup anywhere.  Is this accurate?  The Fridge on top is working correctly.  Fridge now reads 35, and Freezer 48.  BTW, I have been holding on the chat, for about an hour, and nothing.. Need some help, anybody?



Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: 4 door Flex Regridge not freezing

This would require service.  If this hasn't already been scheduled for you, feel free to send me a private message here

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