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6.3 **bleep** ft. Smart Slide-in Gas Range with Flex Duo™, Smart Dial & Air Fry in Black Stainless Steel

(Topic created: 05-28-2021 07:51 AM)
Kitchen and Family Hub

I finally get to use my new expensive dual fuel range, we have been remodeling the kitchen.  I was trying to use the Air Fry mode, couldn't find it.  It turns out, I am not getting most of the baking/cooking modes.  I called customer service, they couldn't help me, they set up service appointment for me.  Service called and can't make it out until 6/16/2021.  I am so disappointed in this purchase!  I spent over 3K on this range and do not have all the options from the start and will not for a few more weeks.  

Anyone else having this issue?  Hard to be excited about this range when there are issues from the beginning!  I may have received a lemon, who knows!!

Any feedback would be great!!

Thank you!

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