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9 month old refrigerator stops working

I have been without a refrigerator for a month now and I keep getting the wrong information from Samsung.  I initially was optimistic because I called about my refrigerator not working on 9/23 and was able to have a tech come out the following week.  With everything going on I thought that was a decent response time.  Unfortunately, the service technician advised me that the compressor had an issue and it wasn't something they could fix.  He stated Samsung would follow up with me to advise how to proceed.  The next day I called Samsung because I had not heard from them.  At that time they scheduled another service visit.  When I saw it was the same company that had previously come out I contacted Samsung again to advise them that the company didn't do Compressor repairs.  They canceled the service order and stated someone would call me to follow up.  A few days later I called Samsung AGAIN because I still hadn't heard anything.  That's when I was informed that my ticket had been sent to the Case Management Team, which had to review my ticket and follow up with me in 5 days.  5 days later Samsung contacted me to advise that they had set up service, with the same company as the 1st time.  Apparently the notes were not clear on their end that it was a compressor issue so they wanted to send another tech out.  I was placed on hold and the service notes were confirmed so service was canceled.  That's when I was told they would review the case and try to get a return authorization approved.  Last week I was contacted to say the exchange was approved and I need to go to Best Buy, which is where I purchased my fridge, to pick out a new fridge because Samsung didn't have one at their warehouse to replace mine.  I go to Best Buy and the soonest I can get a fridge is the end of December and I would have to pay more than $400 out of pocket because my model is not available anymore.  If I want fridge sooner I have to pay more than $700 out of pocket for a different model.  Yesterday I contacted Samsung to see if I could do a refund instead because I can't afford to pay so much.  I was on the phone with Omar from the case management team.  He was asking some questions which I was answering.  When he asked for the serial number on the back of the fridge I told him I had to put the phone down.  When I came back he was gone.  I tried calling back and was place on hold for over 1 hour.  I hung up and called back I was told case management was close but to call back Saturday morning.  I do and now I'm being told that case management is closed until Monday!!!!  It's been a month without fridge and it's ridiculous.  With Covid-19 i can't keep running to the store to buy groceries since I only have a mini fridge.