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About to blow a gasket!!

I own an RS-263 side by side Samsung and the ice maker (imagine that? Lol) is causing me some serious elevated blood pressure issues. 
More specifically, the ice maker is not dumping ice. I have combed the Internet in search of a solution but nothing detailed an answer to my exact problem. 

 The icemaker was working fine a week ago. Then just suddenly stopped filling treat with ice. Got reset button on ice maker and it proceeded to turn the tray upside  hmmm and dumped a full tray of ice. Water was seen filling treasures after that and that's it!  It wont dump the tray with fully frozen ice unless I push reset. 
Ive done the following:

- unplug fridge for 10-15 min then plug back in

- turned freezer temp to lowest temp possible

-selected the "power freeze setting"

- changed water filter out

- and finally, i continue to struggle with the control panels "ICE ON" and "ICE OFF" button. Heres why I struggled:

the light that indicates ICE OFF does not light up. I can hear two distinctively different "chimes" when I toggle back and forth but the sounds don't which is which. 
SO I TRIED APPLYING LOGIC by leaving it on one chime for a day and then the other chime sound the following day. STILL NO ICE being dumped but the ice is there frozen in mold tray however. 
So my issue is that ghe ice maker is simply not turning the mold tray over to dump ice into hopper. 
once ice is in the hopper (and this only occurs by me manually pushing reset on it over and over again, it delivers that ice through the dispenser as it should. In essence, the icemaking functions (other than the dumping of tray) works flawlessly. 
Im at the crossroads of 2 decisions now:

1. Replace icemaker unit

2. Replace the control panel that appears to work for all other functions of fridge (ie, temp control, lighting, selection of type of ice to dispense...etc)


please help me!!  


Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: About to blow a gasket!!

As you have done all the troubleshooting to no avail, this is going to require service. I would be delighted to look into what options we have available for you! Please send me a private message with the full model and serial number.

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