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Add items to View Inside from Shopping List

(Topic created: 05-02-2024 10:39 PM)
Kitchen and Family Hub

We just bought a bespoke family hub fridge and I was most excited about the cooking and grocery features. I’ve added items to the “View Inside- Food List” and to the Shopping List. What I’m trying to avoid is having to re-add items every time I go shopping. Is there a way to remove an item from the Food List without removing it completely?

For example I have a pot roast in my freezer now. I will use it soon and then would need to remove it from the food list because it’s no longer in my fridge, but would need to re-add it again later when I buy another one. Doesn’t make sense for items you buy often, but would want to know if you did or didn’t have it in your pantry without having to add it each time.

I see how you can move an item from your food list to your shopping list, but once you bought the items from your shopping list, can you add them to your food list…because now they’re in your home and you want to track them? 

Also, trying to see if there’s a way to track quantities in the food list. I see you can add quantities to your shopping list item, but didn’t see that functionality in the food list. 

Also any tips and tricks to make this thing work easier for a working mom who cooks a lot and has adhd and is excited for this tool that I hope will be very helpful! 

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