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Appliance order HELP - Refrigerator panels damaged

(Topic created: 05-19-2022 08:44 AM)
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We have ordered appliances and had an issue with our refrigerator panels. When our appliance was delivered the top two panels came damaged. The customer service team sent two new panels. When we received them one was damaged. We refused the damaged panel and spoke with customer service. It is now 2 months later and we have never received our last remaining refrigerator panel. I have spoken with over ten appliance customer service reps with no help. Have been on hold for over an hour on multiple tries trying to get this resolved. This will be the last time we buy Samsung appliances. It doesn't seem like there is a Samsung employee that can assist. Also I don't believe they actually have a management staff because every time I ask to get assistance they refuse to connect me. Is this really how you treat your consumers????? NEED HELP NEED HELP!!!!!

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