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Assigned "Specialist" no longer responds to messaging

(Topic created: 11-06-2021 08:30 AM)
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After almost 2.5 years of SS  technicians 'repairing' my ice maker in French Door fridge, I could no longer continue the mandatory self-defrosting needed no almost every2-3 days to keep it operating due to failing health.
SS/Al did refer me to 'specialist' SS/Samantha who private messaged a few times but after I asked for a referral to her superior, she advised my concerns had been referred over to the "Office of the President" - as far as I know they have not attempted to communicate with me.
I was offered a prorated refund by both Samantha and a telephone rep. Miguel but no where is the offer amount noted on the documents I am required to sign and have back to them w/i 14 days. I was contacted by "Risk Management" at SS with a query as to proofs of loss of material damages (floors) and meds ($7,000). Since I had only used those concerns as an example of what I 'might' be facing if I continued trying to deal with the defective unit I purchased 4.5 years ago - I advised I was not claiming losses at this time. He could not help me with the refund offer - I still wait for some email verification of the monetary offer before jumping through hoops to adhere to the process of signing docs, etc.
Can anyone tell me how to contact someone who will respond to me after all this time... don't have much time left on my 14 day or else offer.

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