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Bad Quality of Samsung 28 CUFT Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung's top of line Family Hub Refrigerator seems to be very poor in quality.

I ordered one unit becuase of the family hub software, but the frige only worked for two hours after installation, and stopped working totally and has to be repalced.  Five days later, a brand new replacement unit was delivered, but was found defect even before unloaded from truck.


Coupled with poor product quality, Samsung service seems deteriorated as well.   After the return of 2nd defected fridge, Samsung's "escalated group" took over, and they promised "white glove" service, with resolution in 24 hours.  Nothing happened in 24 hours, not even a call.  When I called Samsung's support line, I was told that "the escalated group" closes after 5:00 PM, and the 24 hours doesn't count the first day, and each day only counts 8 hours.  So it will take 3 to 4 days.  Further, it doesn't mean a resolution, but a call or contact within the 3 or 4 day period.


After successfully winning over the market share, Samsung is repeating the same story of many famous brands that are now extinct. Time to look for newer brands.