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Bottom pull-out freezer drawer won't close all the way (3-door refrigerator)

We have a Samsung 3-door refrigerator with the top two french door fridge and bottom pull out freezer (RF263BEAESR).  The freezer drawer won't close all the way and there is an 1/8 inch gap between the gasket and the frame on the top seal of the drawer.  I ordered and replaced the old gasket with a new one, did a complete defrost and dry.  Still a gap.  The bottom part of the drawer still seals, but the top of the drawer and the upper edges on the left and right side won't seal all the way, so the freezer is constantly battling to keep freezing, it loses the battle midday.  It feels like the drawer needs to slide back another 1/8 inch.  I can physically hold it so it is sealed, but as soon as you let pressure of the seal on the top opens a tiny bit.  Any advice or suggestions would be appreciated!

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Bottom pull-out freezer drawer won't close all the way (3-door refrigerator)

I apologize for the inconvenience. The next step would be to proceed with service. You can use the following link below to request service or contact our phone support line at 1-800-Samsung to have service set up for you:

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