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Brand New Electric Range (NE59R6631SG) Oven and display not working.

Hello everyone,


I just bought an electric range (NE59R6631SG) directly from Samsung and had it installed while I was out of the country (Friend let them in to install). Ive come home to the oven and display not working at all, but the rings on top do. I contacted Samsung and they sent someone out to look who looked at the problem but couldn't figure out what it was and found that coming from the wall was 240v (0v from earth then 120v from each left and right pin) which was totally expected.

He got on a call to Samsung who started a video chat and proceeded to perform some more tests. They found that at a certain point in the Range electronic board the voltage would drop to 10v instead of the expect voltage (which im guessing is 120v?). They then told me that this is something I would have to get looked at as the problem must be on my side.


My confusion is, if the correct amount of voltage is being supplied (240v, 0 from earth and 120v at each prong of the plug) and everything goes wrong once the Range is connected, why is it the house/wiring at fault? Surely it is something to do with the range as the correct amount of voltage is supplied and this only happens once it is connected to the range?


Has anyone else seen an issue like this before where the hob works perfectly but the display/buttons/oven do not work at all?


Any advice is welcome! I'm a little disappointed in Samsung as they cant seem to describe to me the issue either.