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Broken Kitchen Appliances within 3 years

(Topic created: 07-08-2021 08:49 AM)
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Purchase Date 03/2018 (3 years old)

Total Amount Paid TO JCPenny: $3,055.99 

Issues with:

Refrigerator - RF263BEAESG/AA

Dishwasher - DW80k7050UG/AA

Microwave - ME18H704SFG/AA

Stove - NX58J5600SG/AA

I purchased an entire Samsung Kitchen Appliance set from JCPenny on 03.2018.  Within the three years of purchase, each item has broken in different ways.  Within one year, the ice maker on the refrigerator was broken.  The dishwasher door is broken and spills water during the cycle this happened within the first two years. The oven portion of the stove no longer works and leaks gas.  Finally, the entire front of the microwave glass shattered all over my kitchen.  We have contacted Samsung for repair, and they have only come for the dishwasher and it broke shortly after.  JCPenny and Samsung have not provided any assistance with replacement.  

The nature of this dispute is that these items are broken within the first few years of purchase.  I am retired and paid my hard-earned money to upgrade appliances.  Now they are all broken and I am on a fixed income.  With the stove leaking gas, this has caused a dangerous risk within our home as this could be fatal.  

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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator
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I will be happy to assist you. Please send the serial number for the range to this PM Link, and I will review your case.

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