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C-A2 Error Code

(Topic created on: 2/27/21 8:12 AM)
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If you own the Samsung Microwave Oven Combo and are getting the C-A2 error code, please watch my video on this. I'll put a link on this thread, but if Samsung pulls the link, go to you tube and search by using the error code. If Samsung cares anything about their customers, they will watch it also, and hopefully stop all the nonsense of replacing all the parts and fix the actual problem. Here's a novel idea Samsung - if you truly care about your customers, why don't you reach out to ALL of us and come fix the problem permanently before someone dies from this thing catching fire. I have now had this problem twice and both times it was a wire (the same wire each time) that was burned in half. Between these two repairs, I am now out $1500.00 hard earned dollars because Samsung has chosen to ignore the actual problem and just want to sell you a bunch of useless parts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3kOaHQBpZw&t=1s 

PLEASE WATCH - The model of my oven is NQ70M7770DS/AA and I got the dreaded C-A2 error code on my Samsung Microwave Combination Wall Oven. There is another v...
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