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C-F2 error, touch screen connection on gas range

(Topic created: 10-03-2021 09:20 AM)
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So, our range heats up and after maybe 20 minutes we get the c-f2 error and we have to unplug the range, wait a while, and eventually the range comes back on. The screen is semi-responsive for a it until it gets better (if the oven is off) or gives the error again (if we restart the oven).


Super annoying, started probably 6 months after our warranty expired. Happened occasionally, now happening every time we use it.


I went out and replaced the main control board ,that didn't fix it. Replaced the LED (which had also lost half its icons), that didn't fix it. Replaced the touch screen, that didn't fix it. The only thing I think is left is the circuit board the touch screen plugs into, and maybe the small fan on the other side of the range? 


I can't seem to find anyone else on the internet with the same problem, though lots of folks have had bad screens, just not the c-f2 error that goes with it. 


We paid $1,400 for this thing and I will avoid samsung products as long as I'm alive at this point, maybe my kids will too. 


If you or someone you know has had this problem, could you please(!) let me know how you fixed it?





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