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Cannot Remove Ice Bucket on a RF28JBEDBSG model

I have a Samsung RF28JBEDBSG and have the problem many others are having.  I saw the problems with Samsung refrigerators and the ice makers so I've been diligent about pulling out the bucket every few months and making sure there is no ice build up.  Now there seems to be no ice so I was going to pull the tray and hit reset but the tray will not come out.  I've seen others who have made recommendations but none of those work.  I don't think it is a problem with there being frozen components as I can hear the system turning.  Ice would be coming out if there were any.


This refrigerator is literally 3 or 4 weeks out of the 1 year warranty so to have this problem is disappointing.  I tried to chat and that was no help (completely worthless, I knew more than the individual on chat) and then called a number and got a nice lady but when she set up the service call she mentioned something to the effect, "you realize this is going to cost a lot, you sure you don't want to hire someone yourself?" 


So...I'm stuck turning to my neighbors.  Anyone have any suggestions? 

Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Re: Cannot Remove Ice Bucket on a RF28JBEDBSG model

One thing you can try is defrosting the refrigerator. It is possible there is ice blocking the ice bucket. To defrost the unit, follow the directions below. 
1. Remove all perishable items and empty the ice bucket(s).
2. Lay down towels underneath the fridge, and keep a good supply of extra towels handy.
3. Unplug the fridge and prop the doors open.
4. As time passes and the towels get wet, swap them out for dry ones, until the towels stop getting wet or at least 24 hours passes.
5. Turn the fridge back on and close the doors. After about 2 hours you can put the food back in.

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